Sélection Un vin presque parfait, certified ISO 9001

Sélection Un vin presque parfait is ISO 9001 certified through Armonia, the company organising the event.

What is the ISO 9001 certification delivered by Bureau Veritas ?

ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard used to measure quality and the continuous improvement of performance. ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee that a company’s organisation is sound and that it provides high-quality services.
Armonia has chosen a quality partner to validate its ISO 9001 certification: Bureau Veritas, leader in its field, is recognised by 35 certification agencies across the world.

Why certify the Sélection Un vin presque parfait ISO 9001?

Armonia chose to subject its internal workings and quality procedures to ISO inspection to show how rigorously organised the Sélection Un vin presque parfait is.
The company’s management, the commitment of its leaders and the overall implementation of the various services Armonia offers were verified, along with its application of procedures and respect for rules.
The Sélection Un vin presque parfait must also strictly apply the selection rules and regulations.
This certification demonstrates to producers the involvement of the Competition in showcasing their work. Consumers, for their part, will see it as a sign of rigorous selection, high quality and a competition worthy of their trust.