Selection presided over by Fabrice Sommier

Un vin presque parfait…

... must be—if not of impeccable quality—then at least in perfect agreement with our taste expectations, whether to go with a certain dish or accompany a joyful occasion.
No matter what price we want to pay, no matter what the appearance of the bottle, a wine must first of all be good, flavourful and well-chosen. This is of the utmost importance.

Thus a wine professional was needed to make sure the wines were rigourously selected and suited as nearly as possible to consumers’ tastes.
This mission was entrusted to an illustrious sommelier: Fabrice Sommier.

Fabrice Sommier

Who is Fabrice Sommier?

Forty-year old Fabrice Sommier is at the height of his art. Above all, Fabrice is a ‘palate’ with a perfect understanding of the expectations of wine-lovers, whether they be experienced or neophytes.

Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie 2007

Best Sommelier in France 2007

He use his skills and knowledge to guide and support the ‘Un vin presque parfait’

Master of Port

Master of Port 2010

Fabrice’s title as Best sommelier in France for Port wines demonstrates an eclecticism that professionals today need to respond to the tastes of new consumers.

As President of the ‘Association des Sommeliers de Lyon et Rhône Alpes’, he certainly has the credentials required to organise the tasting.

Fabrice Sommier is also ‘Maître Sommelier de l’Union de la Sommellerie Française’, and will use his savoir-faire to guarantee that the wines selected for each origin meet our expectations.

In addition to his other—numerous—titles and functions, he will use his experience as Head Sommelier of the Georges Blanc gourmet restaurant (3 Michelin stars) and wine buyer for the group (restaurants, bistrots, shops, etc.) to choose wisely the wine best suited to a dish, moment or event.