Le guide "Un vin presque parfait"

No dinner is complete without a suitable wine! After the selection event a book entitled ‘Un vin presque parfait’ was published. This guide to low-priced wines, aimed at members of the general public with no specialised knowledge, is an indispensable companion to cookbooks published by the M6 group. It suggests wines that are good value for money, classified in 10 regions.

In this selection you will find:
• 450 wines commented on by Fabrice Sommier, named ‘Best Sommelier in France’;
• 60 pages of advice and tips on how to buy, store and serve wine.

And for each wine, the following practical information:

Wine mark (1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars)

Tasting notes

Information on the estate (name, address, etc.)

Photo of the bottle

Food & wine pairings

Serving temperature

Ageing potential

Sales price at the vineyard

Guide Un vin presque parfait

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